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Lorilei Potvin- Psychic Medium

I am a Psychic Medium, Physical Empath, Medical Intuitive, Channeler, Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher & Positive Motivator; {as well as a Registered Nurse}, that works primarily with The Angelic Realm; to deliver Loving, Supportive, Positive & Life-Changing Messages from Spirit, regarding any facet of Your Life.

I use My Psychic Medium abilitites, as well as My Channeling Gifts; complimented by a variety of tools, such as Oracle Cards, a Pendulum &/or My Angel Board; when asked to do so, By Spirit, as needed.

I also have a vast knowledge & experience withThe Paranormal as well as Mentoring Those Who are learning more about Their Spiritual Gifts; including guiding Parents of Children who have Spiritual Gifts & Needing information about how to best Support Their Children, as their Children are learning how to manage their 'Gifts'; including Children with Autism

Confidentiality is of UTMOST importance to Me! Therefore, Please Be assured, what is discussed between You & I, stays between Us, always!

Here are some areas I can offer assistance with below:

Messages from

Spirit Regarding

Any Facet Of Your

Life,; Including Oracle Cards, Pendulum &/Or Angel Board Supplementation

Life Path Readings 

to Help You when You are At A CrossRoad in Life; As Well as Loving guidance From Spirit

Mediumship Readings giving Loving.Healing Messages From Loved Ones Who Have Passed Away




Spiritual Teaching, Mentoring, Positive Motivation,Guidance regarding The Paranormal & SOOOOOOOOO Much, Much More!

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